Browser Notice

UPDATED: If you’re experiencing browser reloading problems while navigating through the Account Wise site, then you’re likely on the Spark Network. We tested other networks and the site works fine.

This problem appears to only affect Mozilla Firefox. While navigating the site pages fully reload when it should just load portions of the page that need updating. We are working on this issue via Spark Tier Two Support however this is a frustrating process to say the least. We hope it’s fixed within 7-14 days however it could be longer.

There is also an issue with Google Chrome that came about immediately after the latest Google Chrome update which causes the navigation menu to jump around. Opera also appears to do the same thing. Hopefully its resolved with a following release of these browsers, improving the way they interpret JavaScript.

Despite the fact the sites menu should function correctly as it is, work is being undertaken to hard code in an html solution which will resolve this. It’ll be tested and released (among other tweaks) in the next 3-5 days.

Using either Internet Explorer for Windows or Safari for Mac should immediately remedy both issues.

Note that; we will edit this notice as required and may remove it completely once resolved.

TKCO Consulting Limited

I have worked with Ivana from Account Wise for a several years to help me with book-keeping services for a number of accounting projects for my client.

Ivana is able to find client needs quickly and has latest knowledge of Xero and other software products to use technology to improve their day-to-day operation.

I would describe Ivana as a good communicator, honest, genuine and efficient and I have no hesitation in recommending Ivana from Account Wise.

Truly an asset to any company looking for great skills in book-keeping.

Karen Stevens – Senior Accountant