Moving Christmas

We’re Moving Host

Please note that over the Christmas period we’re moving to a better host.

We’ve used our original hosting provider since well before incorporating Double D Works Ltd in 2008. We feel this move marks a time in our business of significant improvement. This change has come about from our progression resulting in outgrowing the previous service.

Note; during this period you/we may lose email and website access for a few days.

We expect our website(s) should only be out for a few hours and emails to go out for no more than 72 hours. It could be less than this however you would be best to expect them being out of action for a few days. If you need to contact us during this period, then please phone us on 0800 339 6757.

An update will he posted here once we confirm the period this moves taking place. This notice will stay here until the transfers completed and everything’s set up and tested. Any other site updates between now and then will all show below this notice.

Expansion – Sensible Business Practice Part 5

Expansion by Duplication

While a percentage in business manage to stay afloat without proper systems, a number don’t. Do you want to flounder around fumbling your way through simple tasks or have a functional approach? Want to evolve, keeping up with the times or stick with things as they are, falling behind the competition or progress and go through sustainable expansion?

What do you feel would happen if one tried expansion by duplication of non-existent or poorly constructed, untested systems? Would such likely be conducive to a successful practice? No, in short these businesses will typically struggle and ultimately fail. Unfortunately too many in this situation tend to seek help when it’s too late. This can occur because they never saw it coming.

More often than not in this situation it’s reasonable to assume better planning and understanding was lacking. Disregarding Sensible Business Practice is seriously unwise. The more invested cost/debt wise the more serious it is. To take poorly executed systems or a business with little to none and expect to  duplicate such is economic suicide.

The term economics comes from the Ancient Greek οἰκονομία from οἶκος (oikos, “house”) and νόμος (nomos, “custom” or “law”), hence “rules of the house (hold for good management)”.

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Helpful Site Updates

Updates and Changes Beyond

We’ve made a few changes introducing some new content. Updates to the layout were undertaken to improve the user experience on desktop and via mobile browsers.

We started with adding another column of links to the footer. Other than the obvious, this creates a more consistent layout across various display resolutions. Next, the right sidebar got increased from 25% to 30%. This allows the twitter feed and other content to fit better along with any future additions.

Other updates applied to the site include the new Team Profiles page. Here you will find information about Team Account Wise such as their email addresses, phone numbers, plus some personal interests and the like.

Updates to the theme included a few nice aspect improvements and more are coming. Want one of the best, affordable Premium WordPress themes? We challenge you to find a better one than this. If you find this level of product versus support, we’ll be more than a little surprised.

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Foundation – Sensible Business Practice Part 4

Solid Foundation

When starting out in business it’s critical to build a solid foundation, first by establishing and secondly maintaining a set of systems specific to your business. There’s no magic pill for this or strict set of rules. It’s up to each person to put together the systems forming a solid foundation. Hopefully its better than your competitors, giving you the competitive edge. Don’t know where to start and want some help? Having a book-keeper with loads of experience is a great resource to turn too.

To build and test processes its helpful to accept it can involve more time than a standard week. Time spent during the formation stage can also equate to drawing less than you potentially should. Every business needs capital to work and during this stage you don’t yet have an established basis. Sure there are books that say pay yourself first, too working to a strict schedule to separate business time from personal. In our opinion however you should only introduce things like this down the track, when you know your business is reasonably secure. We can’t stress enough how important it is to undertake the critical ground work forming a solid foundation.

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Kapu Ti Productions Ltd

Professional, Fast and Efficient

We have had Ivana working with our book-keeping for 3 years and the standard of work is fantastic. She is professional, fast and efficient. Nothing is ever a problem, she looks for the best solution for your business or personal accounting needs. Highly recommend her and her team.

Kapu Ti Productions Ltd – Vimeo – Facebook – Trade Me – Brent Job and Michelle Lee

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation Notice

The Account Wise site’s been undergoing alterations related to Search Engine Optimisation to increase organic search engine traffic. Both visible and hidden aspects of the site have changed and will continue too as required. A good part of the text has undergone a rewrite.

While the general context of the content remained much the same, most of the pages and posts have had material added to include the various rules of Search Engine Optimisation. Given these updates, you may want to browse over any material read before.

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Business Owners – Sensible Business Practice Part 3

Business Owners Systems

While it would be great if business owners could have time off and do everything needing no one else, so no extra wage related expenses, whether they’re employees or part-time professional such as Lawyers, accountants, or bookkeepers however it’s not practical and in most instances, it’s just not possible.

It’s critical to engage the right person(s) to undertake the tasks you can’t. Let face it, most business owners don’t want to do everything, so finding the right team is potentially going to make all the difference between whether you just stay afloat, sink like a rock or crack into markets you never thought possible when first starting out.

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