Helpful Site Updates

Updates and Changes Beyond

After a fair bit of work altering the main pages and two-thirds of the blog content we’ve gone live with the changes to test the impact they have on Google and other search engines. Further changes will take place as the site evolves and we look for more organic traffic.

During the last month or so we introduced an improved IRD Tax Agent Authority agreement and the New Staff Member Pack in downloads, plus the floating navigation menu and the back to top button that appears in the lower right corner when you scroll down the page, along with our new company Terms and Conditions.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation Notice

The Account Wise site’s been undergoing alterations related to Search Engine Optimisation to increase organic search engine traffic. Both visible and hidden aspects of the site have changed and will continue too as required. A good part of the text has undergone a rewrite.

While the general context of the content remained much the same, most of the pages and posts have had material added to include the various rules of Search Engine Optimisation. Given these updates, you may want to browse over any material read before.

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Business Owners – Sensible Business Practice Part 3

Business Owners

While it would be great if business owners could have time off and do everything needing no one else, so no extra wage related expenses, whether they’re employees or part-time professional such as Lawyers, accountants, or bookkeepers however it’s not practical and in most instances, it’s just not possible.

It’s critical to engage the right person(s) to undertake the tasks you can’t. Let face it, most business owners don’t want to do everything, so finding the right team is potentially going to make all the difference between whether you just stay afloat, sink like a rock or crack into markets you never thought possible when first starting out.

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House of Harem Limited

Excellent Advice and Service

Ivana went above and beyond what I expected and exceeded quality of accountants that quoted for thousands of dollars a year. She has taken the stress out of the accounting side of my business and I spent years looking for someone just like her. She is the best you will find, I highly recommend her.

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Personal Touch Factor

Personal Relations

At Account Wise we offer the things our clients need in a casual environment. Our clients rely on the fact we value their businesses as if they were our own. While we are in a business relationship we do like to make sure we have good personal relations with our clients so that we’re connected by more than a bunch of numbers on file.

It’s important to us that we offer a personal touch and we’re confident you’d appreciate such over simply trying to improve our financial throughput with client numbers.

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Business Plan – Sensible Business Practice Part 2

Business Plan

As a company director or person wanting your own business, building a solid foundation is your priority. Without a firm foundation the walls of your business can become compromised with debt etc and collapse resulting in bankruptcy. So first on your to do list is to put together a well thought out business plan.

A business plan is not something you simply throw together to use for let’s say a business loan and then chuck it away. No! It’s a tool that you should use to develop and give direction and drive to your business.

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